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Food Safety


High Quality Standards and Process Control. Invertec certifies its processes in order to deliver safe and good quality products to its customers


Provides a framework to manage product safety, integrity, legality and quality, and the operational controls for these criteria in the food and food ingredient manufacturing, processing and packing industry. Invertec proudly obtained the AA status.


This certification verifies that the ingredients, production process, and/or food-service process complies with the standards of kashrut (Jewish dietary law) as stipulated in the Shulchan Arukh, the benchmark of religious Jewish law.


Process by which an accredited entity controls and certifies that the production system of a farmer, group of farmers or companies, complies with established standards.


Halal certification is a process which ensures the features and quality of the products according to the rules established by the Islamic Council that allow the use of the Halal mark.